Turning old towels into cloth napkins

I’m on a serious mission to save all the money we possibly can around our home.  One money saving technique that I am trying is cloth napkins.  We waste close to $10 a month on paper napkins.  That is completely ridiculous and we could do much better things with that $120 a year!  So I went searching for a solution, that wasn’t going to cost us any additional money. 

Solution:  I made cloth napkins out of kitchen towels that I didn’t like.  The towels I used were thin and they always irritated me as towels because they barely soak up any water, but cut in half and repurposed as cloth napkins, they are perfect!

I cut the towels in half.  No measuring here.  I wanted an easy project so I eyeballed everything.  I hemmed each cut piece and then labeled them with a “D” for dining room to make sure they wouldn’t make there way back to my kitchen towel cabinet.










My sewing abilities leave a  lot to be desired but they work and they didn’t cost a thing! 

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2 thoughts on “Turning old towels into cloth napkins

  1. We’ve always used cloth napkins! I love it! Every now and then we’ll buy paper when we’re expecting a lot of guests. The kids always end up shredding them. Ha! Doesn’t really make a big difference with laundry either. Great job!

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