Planting the garden


We planted three rows of sugar snap peas on April 7.  It was great to some garden going.  Jon shoveled some manure out of our pile to fertilize this bed and then tilled everything together.



He also took some time to clean up our neglected flower beds from last year.  Having a baby kind of killed all motivation for fall clean up.  On the plus side, he was able to just weed whack all the dead plant leaves and stalks and then just rake them up.  Super easy clean up!


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4 thoughts on “Planting the garden

  1. I’m ashamed to admit, we haven’t even started seeds yet. Terrible, I know. It’s still pretty cold here and we don’t have lamps for them, so that’s my excuse. I’m going to start my soaking ones tonight and plant them tomorrow. If our garden ever dries up, we need to expand it before we can plant but at least the seeds will be ready. I’m thinking about planting my spinach in a big pot since I know they prefer cooler weather. Or should I just wait? Thoughts?

    • I would say as long as your night temps aren’t too cold, it should be good in a pot, and convenient! I havent started my inside seeds yet either. I’m trying ground cherries this year and they need to be started inside… I really need to get on that, but we don’t have any potting soil. I was considering just using straight up manure from our pile but I’m not sure I want to smell that in my house for the next 6 weeks!

      • Bahaha! Yeah the smell might not be great, but I bet the plants would love it! We need to get some fertilizer too. Hopefully after this year the chickens will be able to help in that area.

  2. I agree, it’s fun to get the garden started! I’m sure your plants will thank you for that manure! I planted some cool weather things last week…potatoes, onions, radish, cabbage, beets, etc. We’re having a beautiful rain today, so I expect things to “pop” in a few days! :)

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