Baby number 2 is a….




This delivery was super easy.  My dad saw she was in labor, checked her and headed into the house to make a couple phone calls.  By the time he went back out this little guy was walking around!!  Literally almost no time at all.  He’s doing great.  Much smaller than his sister, but that was to be expected.  We picked the bull that we used for his semen and wanted smaller calves this time!


Check out the impregnating here.

Check out the last calf birth here.


Happy weekend!!

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7 thoughts on “Baby number 2 is a….

    • He will be, so I’m trying hard not to get too close. Dinner in approximately 2 years! It’s tough to be distant when there is only one baby around lol. Next time we breed we’ll have 3 to breed at the same time!

    • I would love to some day. I have friends who raise jerseys and I’d love to get one of theirs in the future. I don’t think I have daily milking in me right now though while we’re in the baby raising years of our family.

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