Growing again!

It’s been awhile since I’ve done an update, but I thought I’d share to keep you guys up to date Smile


Feel free to ask questions in the comments and I’ll be happy to answer !



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6 thoughts on “Growing again!

  1. This is exciting news! I’ve been wondering how you all are doing…your little boy isn’t quite so small as the last time you posted! :) Congratulations!

  2. Hello Dear Sir/Madam!

    We need to change the way of how we’re living in our surroundings. We thought that its government officials job to regulate healthy and natural environment, but since they don’t care that much, and successfully full us with those chemical substances, people around the world start to care more and more about our Lovely Mother Earth.

    From East to West, From South to North people create some very unique and interesting things that amazingly simple. Everybody want clear air, clear rivers and food.
    You know why? Because, we are God’s co-creators and everything supposed to be easy and well done, like your little picture with you’r growing veggies on the window shelf.

    I always look up for those natural staff and I glad I find it.

    Can you tell me, please, is this your invention, or you are repeating someone else? Because, I don’t want to use someone’s infringement.
    If it’s yours, them tell me how to get those glasses? Or it’s just idea of making this?
    Can you tell me step by step how to make those things grow. I will truly appreciate

    Madelin Webb

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