Pruning the wild apple tree

With warm weather on the way we’ve been working on pruning plants around our house.  We are pruning when the temperature is slightly more tolerable for working with exposed hands but also while the trees are still dormant.  One of our projects this year was to try to rejuvenate this wild apple tree we found in the woods behind our house.  The tree was in terrible shape.  The pictures don’t quite capture the damage, but most of the branches of the tree were damaged, dead or broken. 


It doesn’t help that the tree is surrounded by scruffy pine trees.  They block most of the light and create unfavorable growing conditions.  


The chainsaw was required for this pruning endeavor.  Removing massive dead branches is not an easy task. 


As you can see, there is basically nothing left.  The hope is that the sucker branches on the base of the tree will grow and rejuvenate the tree while the cuts to remove the broken/damaged branches will heal themselves shut.


Considering the fact that this tree was in such bad shape, we aren’t too worried about the outcome of the pruning.  We hope that it will produce fruit in a couple of years (we have other trees on our property to help pollinate it), but if not, it won’t be the end of the world.



Just another learn-as-you-go experiment!

One thought on “Pruning the wild apple tree

  1. I certainly hope you keep us updated! I seem to have deer that like to do my pruning. That and my dad who likes his chainsaw a little too much! :-)

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