What do we do with all of our eggs?




We typically get 17-22 eggs each day from our chickens.  Obviously, unless we were planning to eat eggs for every meal, everyday, we have extras.  Quite a few extras actually.  Although we do consume 1-2 dozens of eggs ourselves, weekly, we have to find a home for the rest of the eggs.  What good is raising food if all you plan to do is waste it?

First and foremost we share our eggs with our families.  We give eggs to our families whenever they need them.  We supply 6 households within our families with fresh eggs.

Still though, we have a lot of eggs.  I developed a system at work to sell the excess eggs.  I have a sign up list at my desk at work.  When people need eggs they sign up on the list and I bring in the eggs the next morning.  The system works well.  For $2 a dozen, the people I work with can purchase farm fresh eggs without having to make any special trips.  I have consistently added customers through word of mouth.  We’ve had rave reviews, something that encourages new employees to give them a try.  After people try a dozen, they are typically hooked! ;)  The fact that we help so many households eat locally is very rewarding!

All the money that we make selling eggs is stored away and saved for future chicken purposes.  Right now we are saving up to build a new chicken coop.  We would like to raise more chickens and hope to build a new coop that will house ~100 birds.  Then we will have two coops to help raise new chicks and future meat birds.  Exciting stuff!!

Where do you buy your eggs?

6 thoughts on “What do we do with all of our eggs?

  1. Great for you guys, sharing the wonder of fresh eggs.

    I still buy grocery store eggs, sadly, but I’m still in the hunt for a local producer. Realistically, even the grocery store eggs are from local producers, due to our egg marketing board, but, I’d like to find a more humane egg farmer-and hopefully a source for chicken as well! :)

  2. I love that you have a goal for your egg funds, and 100 chickens would be an amazing feat.

    I have one farm nearby that I like to support, but when I can’t, I buy organic, fair trade eggs at the supermarket. I just have to keep convincing Steve that raising chickens in cold weather is feasible. :)

    • It is!! Just get a few and they will keep each other warm. Picking birds more common to the Northeast makes it easier too. The hardest part is not keeping them warm, it’s keeping them entertained and their water thawed. Certainly not hard, it just takes a little extra effort :)

  3. We have a egg farm down the road from us. It’s a small family thing, and I really want to buy from them more. I love their eggs far more than store eggs. I’m trying to get my fiance to let me have chickens of my own. But so far no luck! Any tips to make my case?

    • Oh they are completely worth it. Of all the animals you can keep, they are pretty low maintenance. Even dogs and cats are a whole lot more work than chickens :) Fresh food and water and they will keep you eating well. Plus they are great for eating all kinds of food scraps. Less waste! Stick with pullets, skip the roosters though.

  4. It’s nice to be able to provide for yourself and your family. The extra money is even better. I’ve raised my own eggs for eleven years now. Not bought a single egg since then! :-)

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