Braiding Hardneck Garlic

I’ve never grown garlic or braided it until this year.  I chose a hardneck variety, that I purchased from a local farm, figuring it was the most hardy and best suited for our area.  We harvested the garlic and I got set to braid it.  In hindsight, I should have let it cure longer, but I was too anxious.  Hopefully they will cure in their braids.



We trimmed all of the roots off and brushed the dirt off with a tooth brush. 




Then I watched a bunch of YouTube videos and learned that people braid SOFTneck garlic.  Well I had my heart set on braids and figure, “How hard could it be”?


As it turns out, braiding hardneck garlic sucks, but it is not impossible.  My braids don’t look great, but the second one showed definite improvement. I think they would look tighter if the bulbs were the correct size.






We harvested tiny little bulbs, most only have 2 cloves, but I attribute that to lack of compost.  The area where we planted them had no compost added to the soil at all.  And we all saw how crappy our soil is with out compost.

You can bet we’ll be trying this again next year!!


Have you ever grown garlic?  Have you tried to braid it, or onions?  What is the secret!?

7 thoughts on “Braiding Hardneck Garlic

  1. That is amazing! With the amount of garlic we use (it’s a whole lot, btw), it makes sense to grow our own! I love how they look braided!! It’s so decorative.

    • We’re garlic addicts over here :) All you have to do in plant a clove, pointy side up in Oct/Nov and then wait until the next summer. Super easy, you could probably even do it in a planter!

  2. Your braids do look good! I’m never organized enough to plant them in the fall. Mine do fine as long as I get it done early in the spring. Needless to say, I didn’t get any in this spring.

  3. I have grown garlic now for a number of years and have found the size of bulbs harvested is double the size if you plant in the fall. I started with a dozen plants the first year and now I harvest well over 12 dozen a year. I have good luck gowing in less than good soil with lots of water during the growing season. Another must is to cut the scapes early so production goes into the bulb.

  4. I too plant hardneck garlic in the fall and get about 8 to 10 cloves per bulb. I also had my heart set on braiding it last year (my first year) and gave up after it looked dissasterous. However, here is what I did this year….I peeled back the first green leaf – closest to bulb – to about an inch from the bulb and cut the inside hard stalk off. Then I was able to easily braid them together and hang them up to dry. The braids look great – I hope it won’t harm the drying process in any manner.

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