Second Pregnancy Update


I’m just a bit over 32 weeks pregnant (although this picture is from about 29 weeks)!  This pregnancy is pretty similar to Luke’s in the way I am carrying and the symptoms that I’m feeling.  Generally I feel pretty decent at this point but I do have some pretty uncomfortable moments.  I’m getting a bit of morning sickness back (I had morning sickness for the first 20+ weeks), some sciatic pain and a bit of carpal tunnel in my hands.  The carpal tunnel is significantly better this time though.  A combination of getting my wrists adjusted by the chiropractor, not being pregnant in the middle of summer and no longer working in an office position I’m sure.  My blood pressure is much lower with this pregnancy as well which is great.  With Luke’s pregnancy I was on modified bed rest at the end to control my blood pressure.  It was definitely not fun!  Chasing a toddler while pregnant is certainly not a joke, I’m down right exhausted by the end of the day but overall I really am doing pretty well.  I’m 3lbs under the weight I was with Luke at this point so I’m guessing I’ll end up at about the same weight in the end.  Hopefully it comes off as easily this time, but I hear it gets harder with each pregnancy!  I’m due next month!  Ah!! 

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