Another Calf!

Here’s our second calf of the season, born March 27th.  This one is a bull calf, born to the first calf we had on our farm!  Unfortunately she didn’t take to her calf very well at first and was butting him and kicking him but a switch clicked after 2 or 3 days and now she’s a great mom!

Horny and Calf

5 thoughts on “Another Calf!

    • Thanks! She’s a good mom now but still seems to have a chip on her shoulder. She’s been ramming our other two calves now (I have to get pictures up of calf 3!) so we had to lock her back in the barn. We’ll turn her out again this weekend when there are people around to really keep an eye on her, but those horns could really do a number on a little calf :-/ I hope she drops the attitude because we really don’t want to have to get rid of her!

    • Yup! He just got his “special rubber band” last night lol. Once that falls off he’ll officially be the next steer in the line up!

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